Everyone is welcome to attend services at Perth Cathedral St Ninian’s. The liturgy the music and the building all enhance our worship. Many members of our congregation are involved in worship in a variety of ways and welcome all those who are visiting or looking to be part of the Perth Cathedral community.  To maintain safety during this time there are no hymns or singing however, the organ will be played during services. All guidance issued from the Scottish Episcopal Church will be followed to ensure he safety our congregation.

Our regular service times

We understand the need for different forms of worship, so we hold different services and prayer groups throughout the week.

Our current service are: 

Sunday - Holy Communion 11am

Monday - Morning Prayer 9:30am

Tuesday - Morning Prayer 9:30am

Wednesday - Morning Prayer 9:30am, Holy Communion 11am

Thursday - Morning Prayer 9:30am

Our midweek prayer is open to everyone and is a quiet, reflective worship based on the daily prayer available on the Scottish Episcopal Website

Choral Evensong occurs on the third Sunday of the month in addition to our morning Eucharist. Evensong consists of readings, prayer, psalms and the canticles Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. The music is sung by the cathedral choir and worship is led by the clergy.

We hold Prayers for healing on the first Sunday of the month during the morning service. Everyone is welcome to be part of this worship in the Lady Chapel after Communion.

The Prayer group is a guided intercessions group providing opportunity for prayers to be said for all those in need. If there is someone you would like a prayer said for, please contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content.. All are welcome to attend the intercessions group which is held in the Lady Chapel.

Our lay ministry team take Holy Communion out to congregation members who are unable to come to church. Please get in touch with us if you or someone you know would like to receive communion at home or in hospital and one of our Lay Eucharistic ministers will visit you.

Special Services


Baptism is an expression of faith in Christ through the symbolic act of having water sprinkled on the head. This is an act of admission to Christian life through the washing away of sins and accepting God’s call to faith. Many Christians are baptised as infants and parents and Godparents are called upon to raise the child in the Christian life. For more information on adult and child baptisms, please contact the cathedral office.


Confirmation is the acceptance of taking on the promises made at baptism. Candidates for confirmation will go through a course of learning about the Christian life by a priest or lay ministry member in order to understand the life of Jesus, interpret the bible and life the Christian life in the modern world. Whilst confirmation preparation will take place with the priest, the Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane will confirm candidates though the anointment of holy oils.


At Perth Cathedral St Ninian’s we welcome couples who are looking to be joined in marriage. We celebrate faithful, committed relationships of all gender and sexual orientation and feel privileged to be part of such a significant milestone in a couple’s life.

Before you make any arrangements please contact the Provost through the Cathedral Office to discuss possible dates and times. We can also suggest ways to help with your wedding arrangements such as music, flowers, photography, cars, reception venue etc

If you would like more information regarding the legal issues associated with getting married in Scotland this is available on the National Records of Scotland website.

The Provost and clergy team will also advise you about which Scottish Episcopal Church forms you will need to complete, depending on whether either of you have been married before.


We understand how difficult the death of a loved one can be and we can be here to provide comfort and support during this time. Funerals can take a variety of forms so please contact us if you would like to discuss funeral plans and we can talk to you further.