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Our Mission

As part of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Perth Cathedral St Ninian’s serves as the focal point of the diocese of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane. We strive to inspire our congregation, the local community and the wider world in the knowledge and love of God. We aim to engage all generations in the richness of the Christian faith and the Passion of Christ through prayer, worship and music. We invite and welcome everyone to enjoy the beauty of the building and experience a journey of spiritual learning through the worship of God.

Our regular service times

Everyone is welcome to attend services at Perth Cathedral St Ninian’s. Many members of our congregation are involved in worship in a variety of ways and welcome all those who are visiting or looking to be part of the Perth Cathedral community. 

To maintain safety during this time there is limited singing however, cantors and congregational singing is now included in the worship although face coverings must be worn at all times. All guidance issued from the Scottish Episcopal Church will be followed to ensure the safety our congregation. Our online worship page is also available for those who are unable to attend our worship in person.

Our current service are: 

Sunday - Holy Communion 11am

Monday - Morning Prayer 9:00am

Tuesday - Morning Prayer 9:00am

Wednesday - Morning Prayer 9:00am, Holy Communion 11am

Thursday - Morning Prayer 9:00am

Clergy are still able to respond to to phone calls and email during the current pandemic. It is important to remember during this time of uncertainty that we are still a community and we will always hold our congregation in our prayers. Please join us as we pray for those who are suffering from the Coronavirus, those who are vulnerable to it, and those who are fighting to tackle it.

Please visit http://www.scotland.anglican.org/coronavirus-updates/ for more information.

For more information on our online worship, please visit our online worship page.


Due to the easing of restrictions we are now open to visitors. We will be open from 9am-12:30pm Monday - Wednesday and Sunday and we ask that all visitors maintain social distancing measures whilst inside the building. If you would like to get in touch with us, please visit our Contact page. 

Provost's Welcome

Welcome to Perth Cathedral, dedicated to God in the name of Saint Ninian, acknowledged as Scotland’s first saint. The building, one of William Butterfield’s early designs, is “A” listed, signifying that it is of national or international importance.

The beauty and magnificence of the architecture is equally matched by the warmth of welcome found among the worshipping community here. We are a mission-shaped church, seeking to connect in many different ways with the community around us and beyond, welcoming visitors and groups from all over the world.

We are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, totally inclusive and ecumenical in our outlook and practice. As a worshipping community we welcome all who wish to share in our daily services and public prayer, in the hope that we can all recognise the transforming presence of God in Jesus Christ.

The Very Reverend Hunter Farquharson, Provost of Perth Cathedral