We have a number of groups within the cathedral organised and run by our congregation members as well as the wider community. Through them friendships and fellowships are formed enabling everyone in our congregation to feel welcomed into the community of the cathedral. 

Eco Group 

The Eco Group has been active at the cathedral since 2007, working hard to raise awareness of a range of environmental issues and the vital importance of living sustainably. The congregation, primary school and local community are all hugely supportive and many improvements have come about during this time. Through discussion, prayer and action the group tries to keep us all focused on issues such waste reduction and recycling, climate change, fair trade, improving energy efficiency, care of creation and peace and justice. Our newly revamped eco hub, with information and recycling facilities, is pictured below.

The cathedral is proud to have received two Eco Congregation Scotland plaques, most recently a Silver Award given for caring for creation in the three key areas of spiritual life, practical work and global living.  We try to ensure that worship, retreats, prayer and study groups address environmental themes. The wildlife garden, our links with St Ninian's School and the wider community, our long-standing support of Fairtrade and recent improvements in energy efficiency were all commended by the ECS assessors. We believe our environmental responsibilities to be a key part of our Christian faith and while the group and congregation were delighted to have their hard work recognised they certainly won't be sitting on their laurels because there's always lots more to do!

The Eco-Congregation Programme

Eco-Congregation Scotland is a movement of Scottish church congregations, of all denominations and none, committed to addressing environmental issues through their life and mission. It was founded in 2001 and aims to help congregations understand environmental issues and make appropriate practical and spiritual responses. It is part of the wider Eco-Congregation Programme in Britain and Ireland and is supported by Net Zero Scotland, Christian Aid Scotland, the Scottish Episcopal Church and other denominations.

The Wider Community 

We believe that our faith calls us to engage with the needs of the local community and to demonstrate our care in meaningful ways. Therefore, we are proud to be involved with a number of local groups and organisations.

St Ninians’s Episcopal Primary School 

 St Ninian’s Episcopal Primary School is located a short walk away from the Cathedral and is a deeply valued part of our community. Perth Cathedral aims to encourage and support the children in their learning and members of the congregation look forward to hearing about the latest projects and news from the Primary School. Regular events at both the school and the cathedral promote the positive relationship we have and the contribution and participation the children have on cathedral life is hugely rewarding and enjoyable. Visit their Facebook page @StNiniansPerth and twitter account @ninian_st.

MINDSPACE at The Gateway 

The Gateway Centre, in the former St. Ninian’s Episcopal Primary School, is immediately adjacent to the Cathedral. This is used by MINDSPACE to provide mental health support to many vulnerable members of the community. 


Perth Action For Churches Together (PACT) 

Perth Action of Churches Together is an ecumenical body with representatives from over 20 churches and Christian communities from Perth and the surrounding area.

PACT’s ethos is that, as representatives of the various Christian denominations locally, what unites us is more important than what divides us, and we rejoice in the shared witness we can make to our local community. As part of the Christian community within the heart of Perthshire, we strive to build positive relationships with all local churches.