Our Ministry Team

The clergy at Perth Cathedral work together in leading and guiding our worship during Sunday and weekday services. Led by the Provost, our assistant and retired priests have numerous roles in supporting the congregation and the local community of Perth.


As well as preaching and celebrating the Eucharist, the clergy team make visits to those who are unwell and work closely with the lay ministry team in delivering communion to the house bound. Members of the clergy are available to offer spiritual support to those who are experiencing difficulties in life and hold a pastoral role in supporting all congregation members.  

St Ninian’s Episcopal Primary school is located close to the cathedral and the children and staff have a positive relationship with the clergy who regularly attend and support school events throughout the year. The clergy are also active in managing the different committees and rotas throughout the cathedral and welcome and encourage members of the congregation to play a role in cathedral life. 

Lay ministry team 

The lay ministry work alongside the clergy in delivering communion to the house bound. Licensed by the Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, the cathedral lay ministers receive training and continuous support in providing a peaceful environment of worship to all they visit. If you or someone you know would benefit from receiving communion at home, please contact the cathedral on 01738 632053. 


The vestry or church council are the trustees of the cathedral and are responsible for making decisions on behalf of the congregation. Different members of the vestry hold different responsibilities and meet once a month to address various aspects of the running of the cathedral. This can range from organising specific cathedral events to discussing plans for restoration to the building.