St Ninian’s Lent at Home - Lent 1

Each week we shall focus on parts of our homes and our life there, relating it to our faith through Bible reading, prayer, art, craft and music. This week we are focusing on the entrance or front door.  What does the entrance to your home look like? What couloir is the door? Is there anything remarkable about it? What furniture is there and what is it like (door handle, doorbell, door knocker, letter box)? What security does it have (locks, door chain, peephole, etc)? Do you keep a light on at the entrance? Is there anything to say who lives there? 


Take one or more photos of your doorway or draw a sketch of it. 

Bible Readings

Below is a selection of bible readings which relate to a doorway or an entrance. Which of them strike a chord with you? When you have read them think which other Bible references to entrances or doorways come into mind. 

Genesis 19: 1-11 Lot is kept safe behind the door of his house by angelic messengers. 

Matthew 7: 7-8 Jesus reminds us to keep asking, seeking and knocking. 

John 10: 1-6 Jesus is the door of the sheepfold, the only way in and out for his flock. 

Acts 12: 6-17 Peter escapes imprisonment and has to keep knocking at the house entrance to be let in. 

Revelation 3: 20-21 Jesus stands at the door knocking. 


Listen - The light of the World  by Andrew Carter (‘Behold I stand at the door and knock....’)


Jesus the Door, the Word, the Welcome, soften my step and still my mind; so may Your presence of peace be here: my heart is open. Amen (Taken from Celtic Daily Prayer by the Northumbria Community)