Diocesan Global Gathering on 4 September 2022

Bishop Ian writes:

Like the last Gathering we had, in October 2019, everyone is invited to come to the cathedral following their Sunday morning worship, and to bring a picnic lunch (teas and coffees will be provided). From 2.00pm there will be activities and at the end of the afternoon there will be tea, and the Gathering will end with Evensong.

This will be a ‘Global Gathering’ at which I will give the Diocese a report about the Lambeth Conference, taking place in Canterbury at the end of July into early August. I hope that our partner bishops from Amazonia and Calcutta will join us by video link - they will not be able to visit us before Lambeth as they did last time, because of Covid. 

The theme of Lambeth this year is ‘God’s Church for God’s World.’ Please let your congregation know about the Lambeth Conference website - - where there is much more information about the theme, the scripture set for the conference  (1 Peter), and a guide to praying for the Conference and the Bishops who are coming from all around the world to attend.

Our Global Gathering will be about more than Lambeth, as I hope that every church in the Diocese will come prepared with some photos and stories to contribute to an exhibition around the cathedral celebrating any links they have with the worldwide Church. These can be ‘official’, but also personal links people have made. I hope there could be many to be seen on 4 September.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for the Global Gathering. And I look forward to seeing you and many of your congregation on 4 September.